Thursday, April 19, 2007

amber and natasha - my two favourite nieces

amber getting stuck in to some yoghurt

natasha, looking much more chipper than in february

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Extreme tapas

the only rule is there are no rules. a great way to spend an evening in experimental cookery - all dishes were extreme, although some were more extreme than others.

the line-up was as follows:

Tim “the Heston from Preston” Cole
Roquefort and chocolate shavings.
Lapsang-souchong poached salmon, wasabi ice-cream, spinach in garlic and ginger.

Phil Horrocks
Prawns, mango, and chilli flamb├ęd in Cointreau, on a pancake of rice noodles.

Nicola Hope
Avocado, cardamom, and lemon souflette.

Mark “Mr Chips” Garbers and Kate “Mrs Garbers” Markey
Potato fudge.

Seb “Sea-Bass the Show-pony” Denno
Pear and cinnamon pasta parcels, with strawberry sauce and brandy cream

Andy “Off the” Pegg and Tone
Warm mango, papaya, mandarin, and basil soup, with coconut cream.
Warm grapefruit, raspberry, rosemary, and turmeric soup with coconut cream.

Jacqui “the Wasabi Assassin” Chan
Pork and water chestnut stuffed lychees in chilli chocolate.

Thomas Hope
Official taster, papparazo, and general layabout who kept dashing upstairs to check the Man United score.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


april has arrived and there's an accusatory hole where all my intended march posts should be. ach well - sic vivitur.

we have an allotment. it was alloted to us at the beginning of march, we were up there and wielding a spade in anger for the first time on monday. the ground will bring forth potatoes, spinach and strawberries.

seedlings for the garden (or slighlty-slug-free-er allotment) are: camomile, sunflowers, night stock, sweetcorn, poppies, and chives. the sweetcorn and sunflowers are doing extremely well in the weak april sun.

at the risk of lowering the tone of this blog, i have found human urine to be an extremely efficient accelerant for our compost heap. rest assured i first found a discreet method of collecting and delivering said accelerant to the compost bin before conducting any further research.

recent meditations: "i am the true vine and my father is the gardener..."